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Women's Safety Speaker. Vicki Kawelmacher.
Women's Safety Speaker
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Educate - Encourage - Empower

Vicki Kawelmacher opened The Women's Shooting Academy after personal and tragic events in her life reinforced the need for personal protection.

Her handgun training began in 2002 with a Basic Pistol NRA Certification. Since then, she has continuously increased her knowledge and certifications in handgun carry and personal safety.

Vicki has a commitment to teaching women to protect themselves from becoming a victim of a violent crime. Her passion in teaching has led her to become a women's safety speaker about developing a preparedness strategy in your daily life.
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WSA offers Firearm Classes:

Introductory level class for the very novice future gun owner. Continuation class to Introduction to Handguns in which you start working with your own firearm and master the six basic fundamentals of shooting. Continuation class to Practical Pistol Fundamentals in which you start working with your own firearm and learn tactics. Introductory level class for a knowledgeable shooter looking to become a competitive tactical shooter.
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For the shooter who is looking to continue their training and improve their skills. Welcome to Team Ten-X! An approved classroom training and firearms qualifications course required to obtain a Concealed Firearm Permit for the state of Nevada, Utah, and Florida. Introductory level class for the man or woman who wants to learn how to use a shotgun for home defense. Introductory level class for the man or woman who has always wanted to learn how to shoot a rifle. Taught by a Certified Gunsmith, you will learn how, when and why to clean your gun. Safely and securely carry a concealed handgun while still looking cute and being comfortable.

WSA Non-Firearm Classes:

A warrior is a fighter. She is a women determined to win the battle. Every women has a warrior spirit.

This seminar will teach proven strategies to minimize your chances of becoming a statistic. Pick up your sword and put on your shield, don't say "you can't" or "you won't." Rise up with me; we CAN make a difference, one warrior at a time. The FREE Home "SAFETY" Hour is unlike any home presentation you have ever been to. In fact, it just might be the one hour that saves your life.

The Home 'SAFETY' HourPepper spray, knives, kubatons, personal alarms, diversion safes, these are just a few of the items Vicki will demonstrate.

Arm yourself with knowledge and power, and then pass it on to every woman you know. Contact Vicki today to schedule your Free Home "SAFETY" Hour. Introduction to OC Pepper Spray Course in Reno NevadaNo matter what level of self defense skill you possess, pepper spray has a place in your personal defense strategy.

This course is taught by a Certified OCAT (Oleoresin Capsicum Aerosol Training) Instructor who will present principles, skills and techniques of understanding and using OC Pepper Spray. We will discuss how, when and why to carry and present your knife. Offensive and defensive tactics will be offered. The seminar is taught by a Certified Instructor who is highly trained in multiple forms of martial arts.